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Trajexion Intro


 November 15-17, 2017


Where do you go to get going?   What do you do to find out what to do?

What can you learn to know what more to learn?

Who do you see to help you see the things you need to see?

Something new is coming


Putting your trajectory on an upward direction. 

A different perspective. Fresh concepts. 

People who know what they’re talking about.  
Coming to:  Abundant Life ChurchFt. Wayne, IN 
Pre–Registration Deadline
September 30th

Trajexion Philosophy

The Trajexion Conference represents a bold venture by several districts of the United Pentecostal Church, International, along with a few local churches, to spur growth of the Kingdom of God in both seasoned churches and new church plants.

Trajexion sees its role as resource that compliments the universal goal of the church. Whether a participant, sponsor, presenter, or attendee, we want to express clearly that our motive and philosophy for this venture is built on the Apostolic doctrine we believe and preach. The success of Trajexion depends on a unified understanding of the following: 

We define belief in the Apostolic doctrine as 1) full salvation according to Acts 2:38; 2) the Oneness of the Godhead; 3) the importance of the name of Jesus; 4) a lifestyle of holiness; 5) freedom of worship; and, 6) unity, fellowship and cooperation between ministers and churches.

We believe in the leadership of the Holy Spirit. This means 1) prayer, fasting, focus on personal and corporate devotion; 2) the five-fold ministry according to Ephesians 4:11; 3) free operation of the gifts of the Spirit; and, 4) sincerely seeking the will of God.

We believe that the church has a mandate to reproduce itself. We base this belief on the following truths: 1) Jesus commanded the church to go into all the world and make disciples; 2) the early church was focused on spreading the gospel; and, 3) witnessing, evangelism and soul winning must comprise the purpose of the church. In keeping with these truths, we believe that the church must formulate methods and strategies to achieve universal growth.

We believe that the Bible measures growth by addition and multiplication. (Acts 2:41; 2:47; 5:14; 11:24). This means that biblical growth should pattern the Book of Acts.

We believe that the church must strive to achieve the greatest impact possible in our communities. For this reason, we seek the most effective methods to reach our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our own spiritual, mental and emotional growth will help us lay aside ineffective methods and invest our talents and efforts to promote the Apostolic faith. We believe that the church can achieve relevance without compromise. 

We believe that it is incumbent on each Apostolic pastor to improve his or her effectiveness and to promote the growth of the kingdom of God through the local church.

We believe that each congregation should strive for excellence, which would impact vision, outreach, Apostolic culture, worship and good works. We also believe that pastors should lead their congregations into unity with the fellowship at large, on sectional, district and general levels.  

We believe that each pastor should embrace a vision that goes beyond the local church. This means pastors and church leaders should actively seek to birth new congregations in communities close to them. This vision should include leadership training, promotion of soul winning, sharing the intended goal with the main congregation and actively committing finances and personnel—as it becomes possible—to achieve this goal.




We believe we got where we are at by the grace of God and the support and direction of others. We want to pass that along and see others succeed as well. 


It is easy to go and hear some interesting sermons, but it another thing altogether to bring home practical tips for succeeding and implementing them in your local church. Trajexion was designed with bringing ideas home and implementing them as a core ideal. We want to go beyond having a good time, to your bring effective ideas into your ministry at home. 


Knowledge is power. Many have a hunger to have a greater impact, but we lack the successful models in our life that we can copy. Jesus showed that by modeling and teaching the way to live, his disciples would change the world. We seek to be that in our generation, a meeting of passing along successful processes that work today!


People are the point. People are what we are doing in ministry. Our seminar are designed with people in mind. We want to give you enough information to help you develop your ideas and make them effective for you. There is no cookie cutter approach that works for all, but if you incorporate a great idea, and then make it fit your circumstances so that it works in your congregation, we will have achieved our goals. 


We have a great list of participating speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.
Teaching: Dr. David Bernard
 Teaching: Raymond Woodward
 Teaching: Aaron Bounds
 Teaching: Dr. Eugene Wilson
Teaching: Dr. Kristin Keller
Teaching: F. Joe Ellis
Teaching: Scott Sistrunk  
Teaching:  Matthew Johnson
Teaching: Jacob Tapia
A new conference for outreach, growth, enhanced spiritual program
Not a preaching, inspirational, motivational conference.
Our goal is to provide  an upscale, practical, relevant, cutting edge opportunity to learn and grow.
Investment For Your Teams Growth
Pre-registration – $129, ends October 30, 2017,
Conference $139, 
1/2 price for spouses
Groups of 5 or more – $109

Conference Schedule




7pm Welcome Banquet & Vision Casting


12:20 – Lunch
Worship & Evangelism Track
Kris Dillingham
Jacob Tapia
Robert Tisdale
Dr. Kristin Keller
Dr. Eugene Wilson
F. Joe Ellis
Raymond Woodward
Matthew Johnson
Church Planting Track
Dr. David Bernard
Scott Sistrunk
Dr. David Bernard
Aaron Bounds
4:40pm – General Session – Raymond Woodward


9:00am – General Session – Raymond Woodward
12:20pm – Lunch
Dr. Kristin Keller
Aaron Bounds
Dr. Eugene Wilson
F. Joe Ellis
Dr. David Bernard
Scott Sistrunk
1:00pm – General Session – Raymond Woodward
Robert Tisdale
Jimmy Toney
J. Mark Jordan
Matthew Johnson
Dr. David Bernard
Aaron Bounds
4:40pm – General Session – Dr. David Bernard

Trajexion conference

Link to the conference Hotel 
Holiday Inn Express
4111 Paul Shaffer Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Abundant Life Tabernacle – Map To Conference Location

trajexion conference
A Quad State Event, Hosted at
Abundant Life Tabernacle
3301 E. Coliseum Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Phone: 419-885-4888
Fax: 419-885-3587
Email: host@trajexion.org
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Trajexion Conference Sponsors
Illinois District UPCI • Indiana District UPCI • Michigan  District UPCI • Ohio District UPCI
Steering Committee Participants
J. Mark Jordan, Robert L. Stroup, David Trammel, Brent Coltharp, Duane Kramer, Mark Johnson, Kevin Leaman, Ken Dillingham, Kris Dillingham
Pastoral Sponsers
Robert Frake, Gary Keller, Derrick Torrey, Norman Paslay
Articles Of Interest to Growing Ministers

The is/ought Gap

The “Is-Ought Gap”

The Church and our Mission


The Direction of Your Trajectory 

“Tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.” 

How do you handle omniscience? No, not you or me. I’m talking about the disciples and Jesus. He knew what they didn’t know, as they finally learned that after three and a half years. His anointed words were more than wise or beautiful; they were packed with promise. His mother, Mary, had it right way back at the marriage of Cana. …